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Williamson County, Texas has become the fastest growing county in the US. We've developed our own growing economy, culture, and identity that is connected to, but distinct from, Austin. We're attracting new residents much faster than we lose current homeowners. It's a great indication of our high quality of life that so few people wish to leave. But that has also created some unique challenges for those moving into our special slice of Central Texas.

As our shortage of existing homes continues, our local builders are constructing new homes and developing new communities. There's a very good chance that your first home in Williamson County will be a new home.

There are a number of benefits to buying new homes versus existing homes. First, you'll be able customize your new home based on the needs and wants of your own family, work, or hobbies. Second, new homes can save you money while helping the environment because new technologies conserve energy. Third, new homes won't need costly repairs and are designed to require less maintenance of the life of the home. Fourth, new home builders often have access to financing unavailable to individual borrowers. And, remember, with the current shortage of existing homes, you just may not have as many choices.

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